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How Should I Select an Attorney?

That depends on what you hire the attorney to do and your career goals and objectives. As a model you may need contract drafting and negotiation, professional career development or contacts to decision makers at modeling agencies, management companies. T.V. & film studios, etc. Different entertainment attorneys may provide one or all of these services. Some practical factors to consider before selecting an entertainment attorney include: How you met the attorney ie where they referred to you by a reliable source The attorneys experience in the modeling industry Your first instinct (gut feeling) about the attorney How much the attorney charges for his/her services Connections the attorney has in the modeling, fashion and film industries The full article about selecting an attorney may be read in the Modeling Industry: Secrets Revealed
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What is a modeling agency?

"A modeling agency is a company that seeks modeling talent and places that talent with various companies and events for photo shoots, videos, commercials, print and runway modeling. Typically, there is a written agreement between the model and the modeling agency. The agreement may or may not be exclusive. With exclusive contracts, models generally are barred from working with other agencies or the agencies corporate clients while under contact. Exclusive contracts are not necessarily a bad thing, but the model should have some written guarantees that the agency will get them work on a recurring basis, since this will be their only source of obtaining video, commercial, print and runway assignment. The options agreement is where automatic extensions may occur to continue the length of the agreement." Modeling Industry: Secrets Revealed FREE Model Promotions: Sign up for a chance to be promoted to magazines, modeling agencies, photographers and casting companies. First Name Email
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Modeling Industry: Secrets Revealed

A successful career in the modeling industry requires sacrifice, hard work, intelligence, having a great team of professionals on your side and being in the right place at the right time.
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